photography by  Joe McEness

regular visitors


Our long-time brand partners at Izola presented Aesthetic Movement with an opportunity to collaborate on the launch of a retail concept store in a former bike repair shop in Brooklyn’s Boerum Hill. The vintage corner building, adjacent to the  local subway entrance, provided an ideal location to engage with the neighborhood. Aesthetic Movement conceptualized an amalgamation of the coffee shop, newsstand, stationer, pharmacy, and housewares store — offering multiple reasons to walk through the door  each day. The open, light-filled space was designed  with subtle changes in material and texture to define the different product zones.

Our branding solutions for the store are clean and crisp, delivered in sharply contrasting black and white. Its application in paper ephemera and daily service items reflects RV’s signature balance between practicality and a "best of" ethos: premium papers and letterpress for select moments, such as gift certificates; clean, double–walled coffee cups, which eliminate the need for sleeves; unfussy, classic paper bags and wrapping for purchases.

Aesthetic Movement's curated offerings for RV include locally roasted, private label coffee, select housewares, and small–batch apothecary products with a focus on natural ingredients. The shop also hosts an international newspaper and magazine selection focused on food, politics, fashion, design, and culture. Throughout the store, a high priority has been placed on the discerning gift-giver, with an unabashed appreciation for excellence in design.

Regular Visitors is an intimate neighborhood refuge that exudes modernity, warmth, and familiarity,  while providing an aesthetically–minded alternative to the corporate anchors of Main Street.